Traffic Management System and its benefits

Proficient traffic management software is more than guiding traffic away from episodes after a mishap has happened or paths have been shut because of development works. Rather, it is tied in with having a reaction plan prepared before it is even required. With Planet PCI, traffic administrators depend on advanced reproductions and models, vital information and exact forecasts. In short: They are ideally arranged for each purpose.

Smart computerized frameworks are assuming control over the customary operational strategies after the innovation blast. Traffic management software gives a favorable assistance by offering safe open transportation, exacting disciplines on violation of traffic rules, ticketing framework application, and so forth. It also provides various route maps and congested areas in significant urban communities around the globe. The propelled tech uses of artificial intelligence, computerized adaptabilities, machine engineering and Big Data are giving continuous answers for the traffic management issues. Real time street maps, brilliant parkways, unique road lights, propelled 3d vision cameras, and robotized traffic flagging frameworks are a part of traffic management system interface.

Provides real time Forecasts over traffic

Early alarms for potential traffic congestion occasions have a significant effect. Regardless of if it’s a spontaneous occurrence in your system or the busy time reoccurring each working day, Planet PCI permits traffic administrators to conceive traffic conditions before they unfurl. The product’s ideal similarity with the Public Transport Estimated Time of Arrival module and the dynamic navigation maps for multi-modular traffic arrangement, makes it is simple for traffic administrator to provide the customers ongoing traffic data.

Analyzing and providing real time traffic data

Planet PCI represents dynamic traffic management system with real time traffic data with a factual way to deal with ceaselessly monitoring the roadways. It associates with a boundless number of traffic information sources and conveys solid and exact estimations, in any event, for streets without location data. It creates a reasonable and definite image of the current traffic limit.

Providing users with the best road level analysis

Public transportation, pedestrians and mechanized private vehicle – Planet PCI micro-simulation empowers administrators to demonstrate and test distinctive traffic situations, investigate the communication of all user clients and along these lines oversee traffic limits and streams all the best routes more adequately. Exact tiny reproductions assist you with characterizing the best system for public transport prioritization plans, ramp meters, managing by-lanes and pedestrian crossings.

Controlling Traffic Signal Timings with different modes

By associating Planet PCI with the traffic-versatile signal control frameworks, you organize traffic lights at single convergences and over different hubs. This helps ease blockage and startling jams, or congestions brought about by ongoing traffic. While traffic management software decides the best control alternatives for single hubs, Planet PCI covers your whole system to make dynamic green waves diminishing stoppage and travel times, fuel emissions and sound occurrences.

Simulating alternative traffic maps and movements

The Planet PCI traffic management system and decision support system utilizes your tweaked destination pointers to quantify the different possible routes to follow in order to avoid congestion. Figure assorted techniques and evaluate them in Planet PCI online traffic management, in view of the live traffic conditions, before they hit the roads.

Integrating the traffic scenario into the Traffic Management Software

Upheld industry interfaces and smart application programming permit consistent and adaptable combination into your traffic management software. Planet PCI’s graphical UI, Traffic Director, guarantees an instinctive and customizable ease of use. It is intended to ideally help traffic administrators in their day by day work merging all data on one screen to show and oversee complex occasions over the whole system – proficiently and successfully.

Properties of Traffic Management Software

  1. AI coordinated with Big Data frameworks and IoT empowered smart correspondence frameworks are necessary pieces of Traffic management software. Also, the tech modules that characterize the smart traffic monitoring framework are traffic lights, clear streets, open transportation, stoppages and parking, and geospatial traffic guiding system. These frameworks supplant conventional manual frameworks with computerization by giving propelled help through IoT empowered interchanges. Administrations by coordinating sensors, vehicle-mounted tracking application and private individual vehicle GPS beacons for following road maps.


  1. Clear streets and bustling thruways are creating digital uses of artificial intelligence. The streets and interstates are outfitted with sensors that screen vehicle speed and advise the vehicle owners through vehicle-mounted tracking devices in regards to speed rage, punishments, and information in regards to overhead traffic. Parking trackers empowers access to information through a software or portable application in regards to finding empty parking garages at a specific area for better help.


  1. Geospatial traffic guiding framework is a reconciliation of GIS, GPS, and radiofrequency gadgets. It gives 3d representation of constant topographical information dependent on the situation of a physical area. GPS is at present used to recognize the best courses to arrive at specific goals inside less time dependent on the traffic through every single available pathway. The geospatial innovation can propel this framework by giving direction, forthcoming traffic mishaps and traffic inflows from different courses and their particular time duration.


The main role of a smart city is to improve the quality and execution of open administrations, including transportation, by fusing data and superior technologies. Smart cities cannot be digitalized without cutting edge traffic management system, which help in screening, controlling, advancement, and administering traffic in urban territories.

Physical foundation expansion is an accessible answer for traffic management in numerous areas of the world. However, the assignment is tedious, expensive, complex, and quite an upsetting work. Utilizing technology as a key monitoring and management system to avoid road obstacles and mishaps is the best choice over a tough manual framework. The smart and robust traffic management system can give proper insights and answers for current issues through this AI equipped framework and technical mixes. Artificial intelligence is developing as an unmistakable model in such traffic situations. Furthermore, the automated traffic management system for smart individuals would be a great tool in managing traffic commuting. Propelled traffic management system enables the general population to monitor public transportation.

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